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What People Are Saying

Shivani K.

“She was very outgoing and went out of her way to make sure that we had a ride to get home. Kept the ride entertaining.”

  • Great! I'm Satisfied!

Angela D.

“Brandi, your driver, is exceptional. She’s very caring, concerned, and an excellent, safe driver as well. It’s clear that she enjoys her job. I hope to get Brandi as a driver on my next trip with Reindeer. Awesome service, amazing staff. Thank you.”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Sophia A.

“My driver was absolutely amazing, she was very sweet and went out of her way to make me feel welcomed and happy. She is amazing!”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Michael B.

“I really appreciated the energy of the driver, she was entertaining and gave out positive vibes the whole ride!”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Matthew G.

“I was running late because I was waiting for my luggage to arrive, when I got in touch with the driver they assured me that they would be able to wait for me so I knew how much extra time I had. As it turned out the airline left my luggage in Newark NJ so I then made my way to the shuttle and returned safely back to school. Thank you for such great service!”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Hema S.

“Great driver, simple check in process. Even though many students were returning to campus driving up the ridership numbers , extra reindeer staff on hand made the process smooth. Thank you!”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Tina T.

“Very organized and efficient, and it was easier that the students were not putting/taking out the luggage in the bus because it becomes very crowded then. “

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Shirley O.

“The driver was very considerate with the temperature and friendly too. I could also sleep on the shuttle because the ride was smooth sailing! And I love my sleep. “

  • Great! I'm Satisfied!

Rajan M.

“My flight was delayed. I sent the email and they changed my booking after a small fee. I was happy.”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

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