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What People Are Saying

Robin M.

“I was able to change my shuttle when my flight was canceled, and the new shuttle arrived on time. Doesn’t sound huge, but after a day of cancellations, delays, and way too much time on the phone with the airlines, Reindeer arriving on time and getting me back to Lafayette made all the difference in the world. Thank you!”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Abbie N.

“My driver, Ashley, is always so hospitable and good driver. She makes the drive easy and enjoyable!”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Prabodh S.

“It was my 6th time riding with Reindeer and for the first time driver told me that the seats recline. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the driver. I think it starts with ‘D’. She was very friendly, informative and drove nicely!”

  • Great! I'm Satisfied!

Kalp S.

“Tracy, the driver, was superb! She knows how to keep her passengers happy.”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Norhan K.

“Our driver was a very sweet sole, she told us to call her grandma! She was very friendly and funny. It was nice to have someone making jokes and giving a fun vibe after the long flight I had. Also, the shuttle was very clean and our driver was very safe and used gloves when handling the luggage.”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Celeste S.

“I love Reindeer Shuttle. Darlene is a gem. She’s warm, thorough and detailed about what to expect on the journey and the plan ahead. Great driver!”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Christin P.

“The driver was energetic and engaging, and the trip smooth.”

  • Great! I'm Satisfied!

Emily G.

“The driver was super friendly, nice, welcoming and helpful. Made me feel secure and at ease.”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Venkata Y.

“The driver was really nice and made sure we knew where to go and what to do. Very nice person overall and made the otherwise tedious trip better!”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

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