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What People Are Saying

Kelsie B.

“Great experience, really easy/smooth ride!”

  • Absolutely Amazing

Bonnie J.

“I’ve ridden with Reindeer Shuttle several times. All of the drivers are courteous and go out of their way to accommodate anything you might need. They’re the best! I recommend them to anyone who is making a trip out of Indy or Chicago.”

  • Absolutely Amazing

Haley M.

“Very nice and helpful.”

  • Absolutely Amazing

Nancy A.

“Absolutely amazing. Hopefully you guys don’t stop the Reindeer Shuttle business as rumor has it.”

  • Absolutely Amazing

Tahlee Y.

“Everyone was super kind and friendly! Service was great! We would especially like to thank Jim for his friendliness!!”

  • Absolutely Amazing

Kenton R.

“It was a great trip. I did not know Crestwood was a stop.”

  • Absolutely Amazing

Samantha C.

“The bus driver had a wonderfully positive attitude that made the trip easy and enjoyable.”

  • Absolutely Amazing

Marian O.

“I arrived at the airport so early. Even earlier than scheduled arrival time. I was so surprised cos I slept all through the trip only to open my eyes and we were at the airport. First time user of Reindeer and I’m gonna tell everyone how awesome the service was. Driver was great too!”

  • Absolutely Amazing

Stephen R.

“My son overslept and missed his shuttle. Nancy was amazing and patient with me. She helped calm this worried mother down and placed my son on the next shuttle. Great Service is hard to find and Nancy had it.”

  • Absolutely Amazing

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