What People Are Saying

Mary D.

“Jim was a total pleasure!!! He made the ride comfortable and entertaining. The new van is very nice and provides a smooth ride. I just recently discovered Reindeer and am SO glad I did.”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Kathy C.

“Drew was a very pleasant driver. He also was a good and safe driver.”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Yujian W.

“John has been great to chatting with! He was on time, and it was a smooth ride.”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Mary S.

“Driver John was safe, friendly, took a route I prefer over I65 , which was great.”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Daniel P.

“John was an extremely professional individual, skilled driver and all-around nice person. Shuttle was spotless, very comfy and ride arrived at the airport early. Will definitely use this company again.”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Lori P.

“Wonderful driver and on time. Actually early. Totally recommend them.”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Vickie M.

“Jeremy does a great job driving and explaining things. Your service is very reliable and accommodating.”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

John A.

“Driver was very communicative and did his best to accommodate us all on a busy football weekend.”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Julia Z.

“The driver was very pleasant and made sure we accommodated all passengers while still maintaining the schedule!”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

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