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What People Are Saying

Christin P.

“The driver was energetic and engaging, and the trip smooth.”

  • Great! I'm Satisfied!

Emily G.

“The driver was super friendly, nice, welcoming and helpful. Made me feel secure and at ease.”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Venkata Y.

“The driver was really nice and made sure we knew where to go and what to do. Very nice person overall and made the otherwise tedious trip better!”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Melvin V.

“Great work as always Reindeer. Thank you for your service.”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Thomas L.

“Rene was really good. I had a nice experience. A really nice lady. She let me know about potential lateness due to traffic.”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Lucy A.

“Whoever was answering emails was very accommodating and sweet! My driver was also very sweet and considerate! I’ve never had a bad experience with Reindeer Shuttle and I will continue to choose you every time.”

  • Absolutely Amazing!


“The staff at reindeer shuttle from the very responsive email correspondences with Nancy to shuttle driver was absolutely terrific. Since my child was on a plane arriving so close to pickup time and then having a few delays, Nancy assured me and put my concerns to rest, that the driver would wait and reach out to my child. All went perfectly with reindeer shuttle. Thank you!!!”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Daniel T.

“Driver Brandi was super kind and sociable. She gave me a call a few minutes before the shuttle to make sure I’d still be able to make the shuttle. She was understanding of me even though I had just arrived in a rush to make sure I got to the shuttle on time.”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Libby L.

“The driver, whom I adored, gave an introduction and a rundown on how the vehicle worked. I didn’t get that last time or with other companies.”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

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