What People Are Saying

Janice S.

“Jim communicated useful information clearly. Very pleasant trip.”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Adolfo K.

“Punctual, clean, efficient. A smooth ride!”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Roberto M.

“Punctuality and efficiency. The driver was very good.”

  • Great! I'm Satisfied!

Rebecca P.

“The person who drove was energetic and friendly at an early hour.”

  • Great! I'm Satisfied!

Jillian G.

“I can’t remember her name, I think it was Doreine. She was my driver and she went above and beyond to make sure I had a great experience. She was so sweet and it was a really nice experience.”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Sarah F.

“The driver was fantastic. She gave lots of details on where to go at the airport, what the trip would be like, and whatever she could do to make our trip more comfortable.”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Inez P.

“The driver was amazing!! What a lovely welcome back to Purdue!”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Jose Antonio C.

“On-time, safe drive, kind driver, clean bus.”

  • Absolutely Amazing!

Louise H.

“Always a pleasure riding with reindeer all the drivers provide an equally excellent and safe service . Thanks!”

  • Great! I'm Satisfied!

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