COVID Safety Procedures

At Reindeer Shuttle, we are doing all we can to ensure your safety!

We are closely following safety guidelines recommended by the American Bus Association:

  • We clean and disinfect buses before and after each trip, following our 10-Point Critical Touch Cleaning Protocol.
  • Drivers wear face coverings & gloves while interacting with passengers & handling luggage.
  • Touch points are reduced by limiting cash transactions.
  • Masks are optional for passengers; Reindeer Shuttle provides masks at nominal cost for those who need them.
  • At check-in during peak times, we place sneeze guards at our table and require distancing for those in line to check in.
  • Hand sanitizer is offered upon boarding each bus.
  • Passengers are loaded in small numbers from the back to the front of the bus.
  • Drivers keep the fan on – recirculation off – so fresh air from outside is flowing through the vents.
  • Restrooms are closed.
  • Filtration system is checked daily.
  • Our Critical Touch Deep-Cleaning Protocol is completed at end of each day.

In addition, all Reindeer Shuttle chauffeurs have been certified in PAX professional training on COVID-19 safety and cleaning procedures.


We remain passionate about our primary mission:

to get you to and from Purdue SAFELY!

10-Point Critical Touch Cleaning Protocol

This cleaning checklist will be completed between every vehicle run:

  • Entrance door surfaces
  • All handrails & touch surfaces used for entering & exiting vehicle
  • Driver area including steering wheel & all driver controls in cockpit area
  • Overhead handrails, parcel racks, & parcel rack handles
  • Microphones
  • All seat headrests, armrests & seat belts, & reclining levers
  • Passenger seating area controls
  • Seat backs & trays
  • Restroom door handles
  • Restrooms will be closed

Critical Touch Deep-Cleaning Protocol

This deep-cleaning checklist will be completed at the end of every day on each vehicle:

  • Entrance door handles
  • Controls (exterior)
  • All handrails / grabrails in the entrance
  • The entire interior surface of the entrance door
  • The entire interior surface of the stairwell including driver compartment hatch
  • The steering wheel
  • Driver controls in the cockpit area
  • Driver seat belt buckle / latch
  • Driver headrest
  • Microphones & A/V outlets in TD seat
  • Upper handrails
  • Parcel racks & parcel rack handles
  • Seat armrests
  • Headrests
  • Recliner levers
  • Seat bottoms
  • All set fabric
  • All seat belt buckles / latches
  • Overhead seat light switches & directional air vents
  • Lavatory door handles
  • Exterior luggage door handles
  • Engine / mechanical access doors & handles
  • Window ledges
  • Pulls on all blinds
  • Emergency roof hatch surfaces
  • Emergency window exit levers
  • Entire floor of motor coach, including stairs
  • All interior glass windows
  • First-aid kit
  • Fire extinguishers